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Who we are and what we can do for you?

Now we are a team mainly based in Shenzhen china. but we can offer our service to other cities if our clients have that need.

We are well educated. We know china and foreign countries' business environment and culture very well, especially we have a thorough understanding of china business environment and its culture. We know how to help you do business easier with other Chinese businessmen. We save you lot of time and money.

From our former working experience, we found foreigners doing business in china have been encountering a lot of difficulties. Usually they are desperate to find a trusted agent to help them. Here we are.

Currently we offer four big categories of service: Including Sourcing , Inspection , Business Backup which including many other sub-categories.

China is a very attractive market with high-speed economic growth and enormous market potential, which would appeal to and explored by any of farsighted entrepreneurs.

However, China could be also extremely unfamiliar and quite different from your home market. You are probably wondering whether your business thinking and practice could be implemented into Chinese market as well, or how to develop a proper way of starting your business in China to meet the local market. More importantly, who could be your China business partner to assist or run your business with China?

For these matters, we are here for you. We can help you operate and execute your China business strategy as your representative in China. Please feel free to contact us about your plan or matters with China.

We behave like a bridge that leads you to this magic land in proper way. All our efforts is to advance your whole business in China successfully. You are very welcome to associate and communicate with us!

Boevana is a Business Service Solution provider mainly based in Shenzhen since 2013.We can also extend our service to other cities if our clients needthat. We offer an end-to-end service to companies looking to buy goods from China or planning to expand their business to China. We act as an extension of your business to manage all aspects of your business with China

Our expatriate departments will provide service for expats living in china. make your life in china more easy.