When buying from a new supplier, the risk involved is so high in terms of brand protection and profit loss, it is vital that your business, social and technical expectations should be fully met, an Inspection Service should be executed to assure a supplier can meet those requirements. In today's fast pace environment, buyers usually depend on others to provide this information. We Boevana Consultation with high standards of excellence and integrity drive our Inspection team. Cause we know that you must make purchasing decision based on a reliable and accurate information. Contact us for more details.


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You may have been confronting these kind of situations before and want to find a way to avoid them!

Found the address in the Carton Mark, when you want to check it out for further orders, it turns out to be false address or that address is not even existed!

Been escorted to a big factory but in the end it comes out that the products were made in a nowhere small place, quality is bad and confused don't know why!

The Purchase Order designated to a big and qualified factory but the orders were outsourced to small factory later or even outsourced to part time individuals, and the final products turn out second-grade, so frustrated!

Checked many things, finally the factory comes out to be a trading agent, they are profit on Trading-the-orders! And you even don't know where the products are made and who produce them!

Purchased from a verified factory from Alibaba or Globalsources, but the price still too high to compete in the market, seems bought from a trading agent, so tired of finding a real manufacturer supplier!

When checked the factory, there have about 100 workers, then tomorrow there are just around 10 workers still there.and the delivery time was extended to 3 months instead fo the promised 1 month, cause there is no enough workforce at all!

Been a factory which will change many business plates in the front desk many times in a single day,they behave like play games!

Been a factory has many workers but turns out all the workers are hired actors for the big checking day!

Been escorted to a factory not even belongs to the owner but the plated claims that and the clerks claims that they are working there,but it seems they are not very familiar about there own working place!

Be told they have a major shareholder, but working in another place.and you never see them! or finally meet them just for a time in a coffee bar or restaurant!

Here I am for you. To make sure the factories have the right business certificates, the real necessary equipments, the real production capacity, the true ownership structure, the real business address etc, and send you the objective reports to clear all your concerns!


Shenzhen Sourcing, Shenzhen Inspection, Shenzhen Follow Up

You may encountered these kind of situations before and want to find a way to avoid them!

Worried about the quality of your mass ordered products from china's factories would not be perfect or damaged during the production process?

Worried about your mass-ordered products will not be just perfect like the samples those factories send to you before you place the mass order?

You have no way to make sure the products will be made of by your designated good material or be replaced by mediocre material.

The real situation of the production process is out of reach. Want to have your ears and eyes in the factory and want to know everything. Not sure when the manufactruer really begins the production processs or doubted when the products will be all finished and very worried about really how many have been done then move on your promotion campaign?

Worrid about the labels, storage way of your products are right as your requirements. doubted the reliability and safety aspect of your products. Here we for you. Our In-Production Service will assure you the quality, right packaging, real assured delivery time and keep you real-time updated 100% objectively.


Shenzhen Sourcing, Shenzhen Inspection, Shenzhen Follow Up

You may encountered these kind of situations before and want to find a way to avoid them!

Worried about the amount of the quantity, especially if the products will be shipped to a third-party warehouse, like Amazon's distribution warehouse.

Worried about the packing way and related labels, if they are well done according to the requirements.

Worried about the way of storage in the container, worried about how the products are stored in the container so they will not be damaged during the long-distance shipping and worried about the packing size, the measurements if they are fully met with the specifications.

Worried about the reliability and safety aspects of the finished products

Worried about if the products have physical damage and peculiar smells and any other mediocre job.

Here we for you, make sure the quality, the quantity, the packaing, the loading, the related documents, all of them are perfect before shipping by the container!

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