Products We Can Sourcing and Handle

Shenzhen Sourcing, Shenzhen Inspection, Shenzhen Follow Up
  • Fashion Jewelry and Bracelets, Nacklace, Earings
  • Belts, Shawls, Glove, Tiaras,Wigs,Scarf
  • Stickers, Cristal Crafts, Glass Crafts, Sunglass,Porcelain Gifts
  • Stationary, Paper, Giveaway
  • T-Shirts, Underwear, Jeans,Jacket, Sportwear
  • Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Evening Dresses
  • Handbags, Wallets, Shopping Bags,Backpacks, Luggage, Caps
  • Sports Shoes, Slippers, Boots
  • Phone and Tablet Cases
  • Speaker, LED Flashlights
  • IP Camera, CCTV, Webcams, Routers
  • Mobile Drive, Key Board, Tablet
  • PP Bags, Packaging Bags,
  • Mechanical Tools
  • PCB Board, Core Cells, Power Cables
  • Bearings, Flanges, Gaskets,Gearboxes, Moulds, Valves,etc

Boevana is a Business Service Solution provider mainly based in Shenzhen since 2013.We can also extend our service to other cities if our clients need that. We offer an end-to-end service to companies looking to buy goods from shenzhen or planning to expand their business to shenzhen. We act as an extension of your business to manage all aspects of your business in shenzhen

Our expatriate departments will provide service for expats living in shenzhen. make your life in china more easy.