We offer the full project management service to companies trying to buy products from China. We act as an extension part of your business to manage all aspects of your China buying experience. From communication coordinator, factory choosing, factory audit, material designation, production supervision, quality assurance, delivery time assurance, pre-shipment check, shipping forwarder liaison, to document preparation , certificates application and business consultation.

Most of the cases, whole project management is necessary to make sure the quality and delivery time, if you just find an inspector after most of the production process is done, the room for impovement and control ante left to inspector or your Rep to make sure the quality and delivery time is limited! It is like the damage is done then you hire a third-party to check how bad it is, but not try to avoid it from the beginning.


Shenzhen Sourcing, Shenzhen Inspection, Shenzhen Follow Up

We offer the full project management service to companies trying to buy products from China. We act as an extension part of your business to manage all aspects of your China buying experience

Communication Coordinator:

Help you and your potential suppliers communicate well, make sure messages between your two sides 100% exchanged, help you clear any communication confusion and misunderstanding between you and your supplier.

Facotry Choosing & Audit:

With our insight and experience in this field, and most of all, our idea of how chinese factory working and behaving, help you pick the right real and best factory for you. Also with our experience and knowledge of chinese related laws, especially corporate law and tax law, help you check the real status of the factory, the real production capacity, the real address, the real business structure, most of all, the real quality control system of them to make sure your further products will be make in the right factory!

Material Designation

Help you designate right material to your products, not any fake or mediocre ones, even try to get you the real BOM!

Production Supervision

Let you know actually when the production process begins, how many percentage have been done, when will be finished at all, how the products are made. real-time updates, help you correct the wrong once it happened!

Quality & Delivery Time Assurance

With our comprehensive involvement during the factory choosing, factroy audit, material designation and produciton supervision, make sure finally the end products will turn out be the desired quality. Alos with our full informaiton and real-time update and on-site check and real-time supervision make sure your first ordered products will be made firstly and meet the delivery time as the PI stated!

Shipping Forwarder Check & Liaison

Check the quality, quantity, labels, packaging, documents at the final stage before container loading! Help you find the market price quoted from air-way or ship-way forwarders, help you not screwed by overmarket shipping cost!

Document & Certificates

Help you prepare the right documents for shipping, and customs clearance! Help you contact trusted Labs for certificates application. like FCC,CE, RoHS,Telec, JATE, etc.

Your benefits

Help you to reduce costs and time and most of all the worry-free experience through the whole purchasing processes. We take over responsibility of the whole project's timeline, control the suppliers and deliver the goods to you quality-assured and in time.


Shenzhen Sourcing, Shenzhen Inspection, Shenzhen Follow Up

We can help you develop your product in China and help factory made them in China if you have any idea of a specific product should be.


We develop according to your Specifications, Drawings or Sample. If you wish, our engineering and design teams can design and develop products for your or adapt products according to your requirements.


Our locations and network in China enables us to quickly screen a comprehensive list of potential suppliers tochina business service identify a short listed group of potential supply sources.

Supplier Assessments

We perform a rigorous and detail, inspection of suppliers', production, engineering, and management systems to determine their ability to meet your demands for quality, timeliness, and superior service. Our inspection also reviews the working conditions of the suppliers' staff to ensure social responsibility and safeguard your reputation.

Costing and Negotiations

We ask selected suppliers for quotations and produce samples. With our in depth knowledge of China's business environment, production management, network of suppliers, and logistic providers, we are able to determine a detailed costing and negotiate a viable price.Local people can always get better price than foreigners which is universal.


china business serviceProduction Management: we develop a comprehensive set of plans and proactive controls to manage, coordinate and improve the supplier's production management. We work together with the suppliers to re-engineer processes if needed or even switch suppliers if we see that problems cannot be solved in a reasonable manner.

Quality Assurance

we develop quality assurance programs, provide on site inspections at each critical stage, to maintained quality and improve operations for the long term.

Export Documentation, Warehousing and Shipping We handle all the necessary paperwork for you for exporting and organize Shipments. We can provide Warehousing facilities if needed.

Boevana is a Business Service Solution provider mainly based in Shenzhen since 2013.We can also extend our service to other cities if our clients need that. We offer an end-to-end service to companies looking to buy goods from or planning to expand their business to . We act as an extension of your business to manage all aspects of your business in

Our expatriate departments will provide service for expats living in . make your life in china more easy.